WWE Is Mad At AJ Lee For Giving The One Decent Speech At This Year’s Slammys

I deeply apologize for forcing you to think about the 2014 Slammy Awards again, but don’t worry, we’re going to be focusing solely on one of the very few redeeming parts of the show. Amongst all the Seth Green dorkiness and stilted awards show banter, AJ Lee’s Slammy acceptance speech was a heartfelt dose of fresh air. Rather than thanking the WWE UNIVERSE for the award and promising more RUTHLESS AGRESSION in 2015, AJ seemed to send a subtle goodbye to her fans, then said she hoped to see the likes of Bayley, Charlotte and Paige step up and carry the baton in 2015.

Well, as reported by the Wrestling Observer, it turns out AJ’s speech felt more real than the rest of the show, because it was more real – most of what she said wasn’t in the script. Also, surprise surprise, AJ generously using her star power to give the next generation of female performers a boost has been construed as a bad thing backstage, because most of the names she mentioned were from NXT, so she must have been burying the current main roster Divas. Here’s AJ’s full speech, in case you’ve forgotten what all the fuss is about…

Hmmm, I dunno about that side hug — was AJ trying to bury Jerry Lawler’s boner?

In other “WWE is upset with AJ” news, the company is also stewing about AJ taking time off to attend UFC 181 with her husband. Psst, hey WWE, AJ might be taking more time off for UFC related things in the relatively near future – just a heads up. AJ is currently out of action for an unspecified injury, and probably won’t be back on TV until a couple months into 2015.

Y’know, every time a new “AJ might be leaving soon” story comes up, I honestly wonder why she hasn’t split already. Stories like these make you wonder what she’s sticking around for.

via WrestleZone