WWE Is Reportedly Interested In Signing One Of UFC’s Four Horsewomen

Per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is reportedly interested in signing UFC fighter Jessamyn “The Gun” Duke.

Duke is a 28-year-old fighter out of Whitesburg, Ky., with a 3-2 record. You might know her best as one of the “Four Horsewomen,” alongside Ronda Rousey, Marina Shafir and Shayna Baszler. The plan the Observer suggests is that Duke could be signed by WWE if she loses her next UFC fight. That would be her third loss in a row, and UFC has a tendency to cut fighters who lose three-straight. WWE would snag Duke and showcase her during the relaunch of the Divas Search later this year. This all ties together with WWE’s reported desire to change how women are portrayed within the company, and the recent on-screen promos from WWE Diva Paige, who claims the Divas Division is in desperate need of a change. This is all assumption and fantasy booking, of course, but it’s an interesting idea.

As an Uproxx portal, we are contractually obligated to tell you what Ronda Rousey is doing at all times, especially when it comes to her WrestleMania appearance and ongoing quest to become a WWE Superstar. We’re sure having one of Rousey’s friends on the roster wouldn’t hurt WWE’s chances to get the biggest female sports star in the world on their team.

If you’d like an idea of how well Duke would fit in in WWE, here’s a clip of her marking out for Daniel Bryan.