WWE Is Teasing Hard That The Undertaker Will Show Up On Raw To Retrieve His Urn

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For weeks, Bray Wyatt has been working a one-sided program where he challenges The Undertaker on every show. Thus far, we haven’t heard a peep from The Deadman. It’s arguably a smart move by WWE because you don’t want to promise a Taker appearance when there’s a good chance that his limbs could spontaneously fall off during training, but Bray’s starting to come off pretty desperate.

Well, on SmackDown, he somehow got his hands on Taker’s urn, and now WWE is teasing hard that Taker is going to be on Raw. From WWE.com…

“Wyatt knows having the urn in his hands is sure to get under The Undertaker‘s skin. So, will Wyatt’s SmackDown reveal compel The Deadman to finally rise from the ashes of his WrestleMania 30 defeat?

If the sight of the urn in Wyatt’s hands doesn’t bring The Undertaker back, maybe whatever he has planned for this Monday night will. Wyatt professed that he will unleash the urn’s spirit on Raw, making us wonder what he could possibly have planned. Will we witness the “power” of the urn come to life? If so, will we finally see The Deadman in the flesh on Raw?”

This is by no means confirmation. WWE has promised people and not delivered before. That said, Taker has apparently been tearing shit up in the gym, and showing up for at least one bug-eyed “Rest In Peace” would do this feud a world of good. Worst case scenario, Bray Wyatt stole the wrong urn and it summons Mordecai instead.

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