Jack Swagger Has Officially Been Released By WWE

Two weeks ago, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger announced he had asked for his release and treated it as though it were a done deal, immediately taking at least one independent booking. WWE later clarified that his release in fact was not final, but the wording of that statement sure made it sound like the two parties were on the verge of going their separate ways.

And now, the other wrestling boot has dropped. WWE.com announced on Monday that the release is now official, and that if Swagger has future endeavors, they wish they will just be the best. Swagger will have a full 90-day no-compete clause, during which he will continue to be compensated by WWE (if their earlier statement is accurate, which it probably is).

Swagger was signed by WWE right out of college in 2006, and spent a couple years in the developmental territories before debuting on ECW in 2008, where he eventually became ECW Champion. While he also became Mr. Money in the Bank, World Heavyweight Champ, and a United States Champion, arguably his biggest mainstream breakout moment was sort of being in the room while Zeb Colter ethered Glenn Beck.

WWE fans will remember him for being endearingly goofy, and for not being entirely sure whether they should cheer for him at any point after the Real Americans stuff.