Jim Ross Has Signed A New Two-Year Deal With WWE

One of the most emotional moments of WrestleMania 33 was when Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross showed up before the main event to call The Undertaker’s presumed final match. The beloved announcer and the voice of an entire generation of wrestling as far as fans are concerned has suffered through tragedy in the past month, as his wife Jan recently passed away following an accident.

Many fans assumed that this would be a one-time deal for Ross, but it appears he is officially back in the fold on a regular basis now. In an interview with FOX Sports, Ross revealed that he signed a new two-year contract on Friday, and will be working a limited number of dates as an announcer, ambassador, and whatever else they might need him for during that time. So while you probably won’t see him calling Raw every week, you can look forward to hearing his iconic voice more regularly.

“It has a specific number of dates that I’m obligated to work, which I think is good for me,” Ross said. “So look at it this way: I got my jersey back. I got brought back to my home team, and my opportunities back in WWE, I’m sure, will be multi-fold.

“They’ve got a lot of things that I can contribute (to), and I’ve been so blessed in the business that I’ve done so many different things,” Ross continued. “I’ve been an administrator and a syndicator, a marketing rep, a VP of broadcasting, a head of talent relations. But the fun part is what I did tonight.

“I hope to have more ‘fun part’ assignments in the future, but I’ve got my jersey back,” he reiterated. “So if the team needs me to play, to work more than they anticipated because they need it, I’m in.”

Ross had recently been the voice of New Japan on AXS, alongside Josh Barnett. He also worked a number of other promotions, including the pilot of the relaunched World of Sport for ITV in the United Kingdom.