A Former WWE Divas Champion May Be Returning

It appears as though a former WWE Divas Champion may be returning to the company. If there’s one thing we have learned from following WWE it’s that when somebody leaves, it often isn’t goodbye forever especially if that person leaves on good terms. In this case, the woman in question is Kaitlyn, whose real name is Celeste Bonin.

Katilyn’s return to WWE was reported as a possibility by the Wrestling Observer, which notes that there “has been some internal talk” about her.

The report seems to be accurate because earlier this week, Kaitlyn posted photos of her training in a ring to show that she’s getting back into it. It was her first time in a ring in four years.

Kaitlyn started in WWE in 2010 as part of their NXT television show. She didn’t have much experience, but she was pushed hard and had some fun moments with Vickie Guerrero on that show. She also had a friendship with AJ Lee that led to their “Chickbusters” tag team.

Kaitlyn won the WWE Divas Championship from Eve Torres on the January 14, 2013 edition of Raw, which was the 20th Anniversary edition of Raw. At the time, that was the only championship for women in WWE. Kaitlyn had a five month title reign that ended when she dropped the title to AJ Lee at Payback 2013.

The reason Kaitlyn left WWE in 2014 was because she got married to bodybuilder PJ Braun and she wanted to concentrate on her business with him as well as her new business Celestial Bodiez. The couple broke up earlier this year, which she mentioned publicly many times and has talked about wanting to move on. She also posted on social media about how her former husband made it difficult for her to move on with her business after they broke up. When she left WWE there was no heat on her. It was just a case of somebody wanting to do something else. She still runs Celestial Bodiez to this day.

While Kaitlyn and WWE haven’t publicly talked about her coming back to the company, it’s certainly looks like it might happen. Also worth nothing that she is 30 years old, so she has plenty of years ahead of her wrestling if she wants to do it again. She’s clearly in amazing shape, which was never really a concern with her since she was a bodybuilding and fitness competitor. Going back to WWE would certainly help her business endeavors.

It would be great to see her back because she left in her mid-20s and was improving. She would be an asset to either Raw or Smackdown, both of which could use more women to provide depth in the division.

Kaitlyn also has a quirky friendship with Big E. Here’s a video of them having a funny moment in a bathroom.