Kurt Angle Is Expected To Wrestle In Some Capacity For WWE

Pretty much ever since Kurt Angle has been gone from WWE, fans have speculated and daydreamed about all the matches he might have if he ever came back. Now he’s guaranteed to come back, as he’ll headline this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class. But although Angle himself has said his new deal with WWE is for the Hall of Fame and nothing else, you would think the company would be dying to cash in on a potential retirement match, or feud. Or something. Well, good news!

According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that the plan as of right this moment is that Angle will do “at least some” in-ring work when he finally wraps up his final independent bookings and returns to WWE. Meltzer notes that Angle’s wrestling appearances would be extremely limited “at best,” and he would have to pass WWE’s notoriously thorough physical examinations before being allowed to compete.

But hey, the plan is at least in place for him to wrestle again! That means that all those amazing plans you had for your own personal fantasy booking of the few years are all still technically in play! Technically. Even the Daniel Bryan fantasy. Technically.

Regardless of whether — or how often — Angle returns to a WWE ring as a wrestler, I swear to god we had better get some manner of interaction with American Alpha or I am going to absolutely lose my shit. I’ll settle for a knowing glance as they pass each other in the hall. Give us SOMETHING, WWE. We’ve been good. Lately, anyway.