WWE Legend Kevin Nash Thinks Medical Weed Is What Pro Wrestling Needs

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How do you get people hyped before WrestleMania? Talk to TMZ about drugs a bunch, apparently. “Aging wrestler thinks medical marijuana is A-OK” isn’t shocking by any stretch of the imagination, but someone under a legends contract about to go into the Hall of Fame for a company who is publicly rigid in its stance on marijuana — synthetic or otherwise — is a bit of an eyebrow-raiser. I guess it’s good to confirm that he’s all about weed and not speed, though anyone who has seen him climb into a ring lately could verify that speed is not his first choice.

Now, the debate on medical marijuana is a conversation much greater than this clip, but I will say that I feel very strongly on the lack of weed-related headlines as this story makes the rounds. I mean, come on. They practically write themselves:

– WolfPac That Pipe: Skip The Oxy, Try Something With Moxie
– Big Spliffy: Medical Mary-Jane Keeps The Kliq On Fleek
– Medical Marijuana Isn’t Too-Sweet: According To Kevin Nash, It’s Just Right
– Main-Event Marijuana: The Total Non-Stop Benefits Of Medicinal Weed
– Big Daddy Cool Thinks Wrestling Should Weed Out Prescription Drugs – Literally
– Legend Kevin Nash Thinks Florida Should Puff-Puff-Pass That Medical Marijuana Bill
– Kevin Nash Says NW-No To Prescription Painkillers

Now, those are headlines you can Perco-set your watch too. You’re welcome.