WWE’s Luke Harper Will Make His Film Debut In An Upcoming Horror Movie

Great and surprising news, wrestling fans: the Wyatt Family’s own Luke Harper has been cast in a new horror film. That’s such a layup, I can’t believe I didn’t ever think about it, let alone understandably spend hours upon end daydreaming about all the spooky horror shenanigans this fantastic, charismatic, sweaty hillbilly could get up to if given the chance – which he now has!

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this news (as first reported by The Wrap) is that it doesn’t appear to be a WWE Studios release. The film, entitled Mohawk, will be directed by Ted Geoghegan and will be produced by Travis Stevens, Greg Newman and Grady Hendrix.

The movie has just begun filming, which is handy, since Harper is still on the shelf with a knee injury. Other stars include Hemlock Grove‘s Kaniehtiio Horn in the title role and Justin Rain of Twilight fame.

The Wrap describes the movie as follows:

Mohawk is a horror and action tale. After one of her tribes sets an American soldiers’ camp on fire, a young female Mohawk finds herself in a cat-and-mouse chase. She flees deep into the woods where she confronts Colonel Holt and his soldiers. As American soldiers seem to close in on her and Mohawk youths Oak and Calvin, they must use both real and supernatural resources to fight back.

Okay, reading that description, I’m having a REAL hard time not drawing comparisons in my head to the underseen, phenomenal and deeply disturbing Bone Tomahawk, which came out last year and starred Kurt Russell.

If you want to see one of the goriest and most intense Westerns ever made, you should definitely check out Bone Tomahawk.

But anyway, this is a post about Luke Harper acting in a dang horror movie! More of that, please. Cast Luke Harper in every horror movie forever from now until the end of time. Heck, every horror movie falls into one of four categories as it is: creepy hillbillies, zombies, found footage horror, and Dario Argento.

My main point is: I’ll buy a ticket to any movie where I can watch Luke Harper menace teens while wearing a stained tank top.