All 32 WWE Mae Young Classic Participants Will Be Announced This Week

As we observed yesterday, we are hurtling headlong into this weekend’s WWE Mae Young Classic tapings. We’ve had some official announcements of who’s going to be in the thing, we’ve heard the rumors of who MIGHT be in the thing, and we’ve even gotten word that someone has already had to withdraw from the thing.

Well, our long, long wait is finally almost over, as one day before the tapings actually begin, WWE will present a “Parade of Champions” for the tournament, introducing all 32 competitors to the WWE Universe, live on Facebook of all places.

WWE did something similar last year for the Cruiserweight Classic, if you’ll recall. The key difference here is that we actually knew the competitors in the tournament before the bracketology special and parade of whatever.

WWE announced that the Mae Young Classic Tournament of Champions will take place on Thursday night. Here are the full details from the press release:

The WWE Universe can get its first look at the likes of Toni Storm, Princesa Sugehit, Jazzy Gabert, Rhea Ripley and all 32 Mae Young Classic competitors when they take part in the Mae Young Classic Parade of Champions. Watch this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT at to see who will take part in this historic tournament!

The Mae Young Classic begins Monday, Aug. 28, when the first four episodes will be available on demand, exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network. And be sure to tune into WWE Network on Sunday, Aug. 20, immediately following WWE SummerSlam, for Mae Young Classic: Bracketology, a special look at the inaugural 32-woman tournament.

We’ll finally know! We’ll finally know all the names! The day before the tapings start! That’s very exciting, and of course we’ll have spoilers here this weekend in case you really can’t stand waiting to watch things with your own two eyes. It’s okay. We understand.