Mark Henry Talks About His WWE Future And His Belief That Bayley Will Be A Huge Star

During the red carpet arrivals for the ESPY awards last week, we were lucky enough to get a few minutes to catch up with the one and only Mark Henry. The world’s strongest man was his usual charming-as-hell self and opened up to us about how hot it was, as well as some more pertinent things.

Most revealing was Henry claiming that he’s done working a full-time schedule as a wrestler. “No! I’m old, man,” he said, despite my fervent protestations. Of course, my insistence that he looked younger than Big Show led to an unsolicited, unprompted hug, meaning I can now officially die a happy man.

Henry also talked to us about who he believes will be the next major star coming out of NXT: none other than former women’s champ and humongous fan favorite Bayley. Yes, although Bayley managed to go undrafted during Tuesday night’s SmackDown, she still has huge supporters both inside and outside of the wrestling business.

And of course, we asked Mark about his sandwich meat preferences, movies that make him cry and whether he prefers cake or pie. Because here at With Spandex, we all believe in getting down to the heart of the matter. That’s our promise to you.