WWE May Have Spoiled The Royal Rumble With A Times Square Billboard (Updated)

Will Brock Lesnar be leaving Royal Rumble with the belt?

Update: Well, that was quick — eagle-eyed Photoshop masters have identified the billboard as a likely fake. Still, let’s be honest, it probably remains 100% accurate.

Lately one of the best ways to predict what’s going to happen in WWE is to keep an eagle eye on their billboards and the sides of their production trucks. Case in point, fans have spotted a new Wrestlemania billboard in New York that seems to spoil the outcome of this weekend’s Royal Rumble. Obviously hit the bricks now if you’re avoiding Royal Rumble SPOILERS


Here’s the billboard in question, which hasn’t been 100% verified, but appears to be the real deal.


So yes, even though Daniel Bryan is back, even though Roman Reigns is verbally sh*tting the bed on a nightly basis, it seems like WWE is sticking to their Reigns/Lesnar plans. Could things still change? Maaaybe, but WWE billboards and production trucks have a pretty spotless record of accuracy, and winning the Rumble would make Roman Reigns look really strong, so maybe call your bookie and take your money off Kofi Kingston is what I’m saying.

via Wrestling Inc.