Mick Foley Hasn’t Had Hip Surgery Yet, Because He Doesn’t Have Health Insurance

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12.28.16 14 Comments

Recently, news came out that Raw General Manager and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley would be taking time off at some point to get hip replacement surgery, which explained the rapidly shrinking frame of the famously husky heavyweight.

On Tuesday, Diamond Dallas Page sent out a tweet suggesting Foley had already had the operation, which obviously got people to talking.

But that tweet has proved to be pretty inaccurate. Foley took to Facebook to set the record straight about what’s going on with him. No, he hasn’t had the operation yet, because his health insurance has lapsed due to a missed payment. While he’s working on getting his insurance situation sorted out for 2017, he revealed that the cost of the operation without insurance will be $60,000, and that he’s not currently under a performance contract with WWE, as his current onscreen role of Raw GM is a “handshake deal.” Given all the public spats that Foley and WWE have had over the years, that’s a remarkable show of faith for both parties.

Before Foley shells out $60K out of pocket, he’s going to explore some other options — beyond the 100 pounds he’s already lost. Let the man himself explain it to you:


I guess I should’ve said something when I started getting prayers and well wishes from friends and colleagues alike – including some of the biggest names in the business. I have definitely mentioned that I needed a hip replacement, definitely mentioned that I intended to get one sometime early in 2017, but never actually set a date. I have this little tiny problem in that I don’t actually have health insurance.

I had health insurance for 26 years, but the last four years have been tough – with companies sending out letters telling me they will no longer be insuring families, and that I needed to find alternate insurance. By 2016 health insurance was particularly confusing, and after missing one payment, I found myself no longer insured. I am doing my best to be insured in 2017, but nothing is guaranteed, and I have no idea how this new insurance company will feel about replacing a hip that clearly should’ve been replaced many years ago.

For those wondering why the general manager of Raw needs to procure his own health insurance: well, I’m on a handshake deal. I do the job as long as I enjoy it and feel like I am making a difference, and I do it as long as WWE is happy with me and thinks I’m the best person for the role. No contract involved at all, except for the legends deal, which is strictly about merchandise. For those wondering why I just don’t pay out-of-pocket, well it’s a $60,000 operation, and I am going to look at some other options before I shell out 60K for an operation. Maybe I will concentrate on landing a couple of TV or film roles and get the far superior AFTRA insurance to take care of the operation. I probably should not be talking about it at all – but the word is out there, and I feel like I owe people an explanation.

Now that this story has come to light, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got signed to an actual contract, or if WWE offered to cover the cost of his surgery. I also wouldn’t be surprised at all if some enterprising fans started up a crowdfunding page. Although knowing Foley, he would probably insist the money go to one of his favorite charities (like RAINN) instead. Regardless of how this shakes out, I hope he finds some relief at some point soon, as chronic pain and delaying surgery is absolutely no joke.

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