WWE’s Mojo Rawley Explained What’s Going On With His Weird New Facepaint


Mojo Rawley has had an odd 2019 in WWE. The former football player started off the year cutting dramatic promos backstage while looking into a mirror. On the April 8 episode of Raw, these segments culminated with a reveal that Rawley wears Bull Nakano-esque face paint now.

Many of Rawley’s developments since then have not been on Raw proper, but have been performed during commercial breaks and released as online exclusives later. The week after he cut one such promo with his new look, he defeated Apollo Crews on Raw and then online-exclusively yelled at his own reflection backstage. Both last week and this week he has come out during commercial breaks to cut promos on the location of Raw and this week’s, which you can see below, explicitly explained what the face paint is all about.

Rawley calls San Jose, “a B-level city,” while he is, “an A-level player… because I had the strength to look upon myself in the mirror and master my reality, which is why I wear this shattered glass war paint on my face proudly. Proudly!”

He continues, saying that San Jose, where no one sees to be wearing shattered glass war paint, has, “nothing to be proud of,” and concludes with, “Mojo Rawley, over and out.”

Is, “former hype bro who went insane listening to self-help audio books when he couldn’t win at sports so he draws on his face and calls it war paint now,” secretly kind of a great wrestling character? It’s hard to tell when Rawley is barely wrestling and barely on TV.