Celebrate The Fourth Of July With WWE’s Most Patriotic Moments

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07.04.17 4 Comments

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It’s that time of year again! The Fourth of July, where (many) Americans can take the day off to enjoy liberty and independence. WWE doesn’t take any days off, of course, and their Fourth of July holiday involves producing both Raw and Smackdown for your entertainment pleasure.

But WWE has always has its finger on the pulse of America, and in celebration of both the holiday and this sport we occasionally love, we’re presenting the most patriotic moments in the history of the WWE/WWF, not including when Undertaker’s ass was bad on behalf of the nation.

Tribute to the Troops

We’d be remiss if we didn’t kick the list off with this one. Every year, WWE travels to put on an exclusive show just for the troops. It usually takes place in the Middle East, and is certainly a kind gesture by the company. WWE works with the military and the troops all year, but they have a show just for them around Christmastime, and the enlisted personnel certainly appreciate it.

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