Naomi Had To Pitch Her ‘Feel The Glow’ Gimmick To WWE For Two Years

Total Divas cast member (most of the time, anyway) and WWE Superstar Naomi has had a hell of a couple of weeks. She captured her first championship at Elimination Chamber after being with the company since 2010, and then had to relinquish the title on Tuesday’s Smackdown due to a knee injury.

Naomi’s career really turned a corner after the WWE Draft, when she returned from an injury in August with a new EDM-inspired entrance and gimmick that revolved around the phrase “Feel the Glow.” But as she told Lilian Garcia on Making Their Way to the Ring, that new look was a very long time coming. It also has its roots in something other than dance club life.

“The inspiration comes from a movie from the 80s, called The Last Dragon. It’s about this martial artist who is on this journey to find the glow. It’s all about him really at the end of the day finding his confidence. He had it all along. He just had to look within himself.”

And when Lilian asked whether WWE was receptive to the idea right away, that’s when Naomi revealed that not only is the struggle real, it is lengthy.

“No. Absolutely not. Two years. It took me two years to get them to finally hear me out on this concept, this idea, and the entrance and everything.”

She also said she could “never get a straight answer” as to why she has twice been dropped from the cast of Total Divas. If you already thought Naomi had paid her dues, it turns out we really had no idea. Screw what John Cena said about those chants; she DOES deserve it.