Naomi May Be Back From Her Injury In Time For WrestleMania

WWE has been snakebit with injuries around WrestleMania for the past few years. This year, Orlando hometown Superstar Naomi was arguably hit the hardest, as she suffered a knee injury while winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship and had to surrender the title in late February, putting her WrestleMania 33 status in doubt.

As fans are wont to do, someone asked Naomi’s dad on Twitter how her progress was going and if she was really injured. (Guys, please have some chill once in a while.) Her father said yes, she is really injured, and in another tweet (since deleted), he didn’t mince words when he said “She will be back by WrestleMania.”

The fact that he pulled down the tweet would indicate that probably someone, somewhere didn’t want just a definitive answer from someone in the know just flying around out there. For her part, Naomi has been silent on social media for several days. If she is indeed on track to come back, it’s likely that WWE wants to keep it under wraps, so she can get a massive hometown reaction when she appears as one of Alexa Bliss’ mystery opponents at WrestleMania.

All of the above is speculation, of course, but informed speculation! The best kind. Now sit back and daydream about Naomi’s WrestleMania “feel the glow” entrance. Bet it’ll be glow-y!