Kurt Angle’s WWE 24 ‘Homecoming’ Special Truly Delivers … It’s Damn True

07.13.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

“I’ve been at my very best here, but I never thought I’d be back. I just felt like I burned a bridge that I thought I would never be able to build again.” — Kurt Angle

Here’s my look at the WWE Network WWE 24 special on Kurt Angle called “Homecoming.” It debuted this week after Monday Night Raw, it’s now available on demand on WWE Network, it has a run time of 56 minutes, and it’s an incredible look at the successes and struggles of WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

It began with a man trying on cowboy hats. Yes, that is Kurt Angle, a new WWE Hall of Famer and the current General Manager of Raw. Before all of that, he was your Olympic hero, a five time WWE Champion and quite frankly, one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever.

In the first few minutes of the documentary, they show a clip of Angle going to WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut four weeks before the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this year. It was Kurt’s first time visiting WWE HQ eleven years. Here he was, this champion of a man that is 48 years old and he was looking as nervous as ever.

Kurt saw Stephanie McMahon in the hallway. They spoke about their kids with Stephanie having three girls and Angle noting he had five kids including three girls with his second/current wife. When Angle went into Triple H’s office, they shared a big hug. If you’re wondering, Kurt called him Hunter rather than his real name, Paul.

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