The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 11/4/15: Say It Ain’t So, Joe

Izzy finn Balor NXTPreviously on the Best and Worst of NXT: Chad Gable and Jason Jordan continued their rise to Folk Hero status by tearing it up with (and defeating) Tommaso Ciampa and John Wrestling. Emma made little girls around the world sad by beating up a lady who looks like Elsa from Frozen, Eva Marie mailed in another promo from Paris, and Tyler Breeze said his (hopefully temporary) goodbye to NXT in a losing effort against Samoa Joe. Also, Devin Taylor made like the Foot Clan and vanished without trace.

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Best: Girl Die

This week we open with the glorious first meeting of MOST DANGEROUS ASUKA and Cameron, who has never been “most” or “dangerous” anything.

Let’s take a moment to recap Cameron’s time in WWE. She started off as a Tough Enough contestant and didn’t win, but gave us the only moment anyone remembers from that season. From there, she became the less talented of two pterodactyl-themed funk cheerleaders for a dancing dinosaur spaceman. She managed to parlay that into both a music career and a singles run in which she plays a character who wears a child-sized sexy librarian Halloween costume and never learned how to wrestle. Additional highlights include that time she did the splits on Naomi and tried to pin her while she was lying on her stomach, and that time she tried to bribe a police officer so he wouldn’t tell WWE she was driving drunk. On Total Divas she’s “Ariane,” a woman with a weird boyfriend who travels the world drinking and worrying about her weird boyfriend until it’s time for her to go to a wrestling arena and get told she’s not wrestling.

The newest version of her is the Player 2 version of Eva Marie. She gets fed to Asuka, who if you’re paying attention has become sort of a Divas woodchipper. Worried that someone can’t work as well as you’d like? Throw her at Asuka and let her get kicked to death. They did it with Dana, they’ve done it on the house show circuit with Eva and now they’re doing it with Cameron. It’s all done for that instantaneous reaction of OH MY GOD I MIGHT SEE A WOMAN DIE FOR REAL.

What’s great here is that Cameron’s offense is still dumb as bricks and splits-based, but she holds her own and does a great job as a pre-chipped block of wood. That moment where Asuka catches her foot and calmly puts it down only to get slapped and turn it into an armbar is one of the most infinitely rewatchable moments EVER. It’s the opening moments of the above video if you missed it. Asuka spends the rest of the match doing Funkadactyl poses and crushing Cameron’s heart with hip attacks, and all is good in the world.