An NXT Referee Broke His Leg During A Match And Still Counted The Pin

Via @nardawg360 on Twitter

Wrestling might be a work, but as we’re reminded every day, the danger to performers’ bodies is very real. As we might occasionally forget, that danger isn’t limited to the wrestlers themselves, either. Anyone in or around the ring is at risk of getting caught in the physical tumult and getting hurt, and obviously that includes referees.

Last night in Omaha Nebraska, Velveteen Dream fought Tyler Breeze at an NXT Live Event, and WWE Referee Tom Castor’s leg was broken during the match. The injury was confirmed by his fellow ref Drake Wuertz, who also worked the match, and who tweeted about Castor’s love of wrestling, even in a moment when it was causing him serious pain.

Castor’s dedication was also displayed as he counted the pinfall that ended the match in Dream’s favor, even as his leg was visibly all messed up. A fan named Michael Davis captured the finish on video, although it’s a bit confusing when you watch it. That’s Wuertz taking an unexpected bump at the beginning of the video, and then Castor is revealed on the other side of the ring, his leg already broken.

Davis also said that Tom Castor’s injury was the result of a bad fall after the ref took a superkick. Other social media photos from the event show how twisted Castor’s leg was by the injury, with his foot pointed in totally the wrong direction even as he counted the pinfall.

No matter how much Tom Castor loves the Business, this obviously wasn’t a fun way to prove it, and we wish him a speedy recovery.