Watch How An NXT Championship Belt Brings Utter Joy To A WWE Superfan

People who aren’t fans of pro wrestling often have a hard time understanding how transcendent the art form can be at its very best. They also have a hard time understanding just what it is about men in tights that we love so much. Of course, professional wrestling is just like literally any other thing in pop culture, be it a TV show, movie, band, comic book, game, or whatever: if it speaks to you, it speaks to you, and you don’t always get to choose what you fall in love with.

To that end, while you may not understand just how deeply invested someone can be as a wrestling fan, I think everyone can appreciate someone being jazzed out of their mind at receiving the perfect Christmas gift, at the perfect time, especially when they least expect it. So please enjoy this thoroughly delightful and wonderful video of a WWE superfan receiving an NXT Championship replica belt from a friend.

(And hey, lay off; they were sold out of WWE Championship replicas, okay?)

The recipient of the gift, Shanquis, was clearly delighted, and absolutely nailed what you do the instant you pick up a championship belt: you pose with that sucker. Well done, Shanquis. He also wrote a lovely thank-you note to his buddy gift-giver Charles, aka “CJ,” because you always write a thank-you note.

Thanks to Charles and Shanquis for helping us get in the Christmas spirit right on time. This is truly wonderful.