Bray Wyatt’s House Of Horrors Is On The Market For A Frighteningly Low Price

The WWE Universe finally found out exactly what a House of Horrors match entails when Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt faced off Sunday at WWE Payback. In case you missed it, we broke down all of the must-see moments and ultimately anti-climactic and disappointing finish here.

If you didn’t miss it, and are in the market for a fixer-upper at an insanely low price, you’re in luck! You can own the house where Orton was once incapacitated by a sooty fridge before he somehow teleported to a nearby PPV completely unscathed.

The one bedroom, one bath, single family home built in 1905 sits on three acres of land in Richmond, MO, and is perfect for all of your gimmick match needs. What, y’all didn’t think it was actually that dark at 6:30pm in the Bay Area, did you? Sadly, it seems the ghost tractor isn’t included:

Looking for small acreage, just outside the city limits of Richmond? Here it is! This home has potential! Fixer Upper’s dream! Bring your ideas and skills and make this your special home. Home has newer septic. The water in the basement is due to the sump pump not being on for several years. OWNER IS SELLING PROPERTY “AS IS”! — via ReeceNichols Real Estate

Wait a second. WWE had a real horror show in the basement and they opted for a tipped over dining room table? …okie dokie.

I’m not sure who was watching that match thinking about it as a potential renovation project, but I’m pretty sure I love that person. “You know, it’s a little small, but the creepy hanging doll room would look uh-MAY-zing with a bay window to really open it up and let more light in. The kitchen would have to be gutted, and we’d need to make sure there were no strange shirtless men trapped under the appliances, but babe, oooh, idea: maybe a breakfast bar??” My kingdom for a Flip or Flop WWE episode. I bet Dana Brooke would f*cking love a breakfast bar.

(h/t to @sigmafactor)