WWE Plans To Pit The Undertaker Against An Unexpected Opponent At Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania season is almost upon us, and as usual people are chattering about whether or not The Undertaker will drag his increasingly zombie-like frame down to the ring for one more match. So far the greatest evidence for Taker being at Wrestlemania 31 has been a production truck with his face on the side, and as we know WWE production trucks never lie.

Well, now several sources including The Wrestling Observer are reporting that Undertaker is definitely in the plans for Wrestlemania. Of course the dude is held together with Laffy Taffy, so a lot could happen between now and April, but as of this moment, it’s happening.

So, who’s Taker facing? Sting? Brock again? Triple H for the 100th time? Nope, word is he’ll be facing Bray Wyatt, which is an interesting choice. Anyone who reads the Smackdown B&W knows I’m not a huge Bray fan, but let’s be honest – Bray Wyatt was made to fight The Undertaker. If they go completely over the top with it and trot out all the coffins, lightning bolts, holograms and creepy-voiced kids they’ve got, the feud could be good stupid fun and a better capper for Taker’s epic career than his somewhat depressing loss to Lesnar.

What do you folks think? Interested in a Taker/Bray feud? Should he face somebody else? Or is it time for Taker to hang ’em up and be content with the occasional cameo appearance on his wife’s Instagram page?

via Wrestling Inc.