Check Out All The Returning Stars Confirmed For Raw’s 25th Anniversary

01.09.18 4 months ago 24 Comments


We’ve known since the end of October that the 25th anniversary of WWE Raw is coming up, and that WWE has some extremely big plans for that show — which is now suddenly just two weeks away (and will end up being the go-home show for the Royal Rumble.

There has been some serious speculation that the Undertaker — who we’ve known for a long time will appear on the show — will perhaps use the 25th anniversary of Raw to set up one more match in his storied career, likely laying down a challenge for WrestleMania 34 if it is indeed happening.

We’ve also known for a while that there will be a whole gaggle of legends and Hall of Famers and fan favorites returning for Raw 25, but during Monday’s episode of Raw, WWE announced a whole lot more.

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