Brock Lesnar Showed Up After Raw Went Off The Air To F-5 The Big Show

Senior Editor, Sports
02.07.17 2 Comments


WWE Raw was in Portland, Oregon on Monday night, and the big news was Bill Goldberg showing up to accept Brock Lesnar‘s challenge to a match at WrestleMania 33. (And also setting up a Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens match for the Universal Championship.) Lesnar was not on the episode, because he and Goldberg appearing on alternating episodes is a brilliant marketing ploy.

But shock of all shocks: Lesnar was actually in the building! And once Raw went off the air, Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman appeared, giving the crowd a special surprise that was actually special and surprising. Heyman explained that Goldberg accepting Lesnar’s challenge got the Beast Incarnate all worked up, and he was itching for some violence. Cue the Big Show!

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