Watch What Happened When WWE Raw Went Off The Air And A Pizza Got Involved

Monday’s episode of WWE Raw ended with Dean Ambrose getting the best of Triple H with a surprise Dirty Deeds. What happened after that, you need to see.

Let’s just recap it, and you tell me when it gets weird. The Wyatt Family returns to the ring to beat up Ambrose. Jack Swagger shows up to make the save — what, weird already? — followed by Sin Cara. Sure. That brings out Goldust and R-Truth (still dressed as a delivery boy from earlier in the night), and suddenly we’re doing one of those “SEE YOU THIS SUNDAY AT THE ROYAL RUMBLE” brawls. The Dudley Boyz show up, so the Usos show up, too. Then Stardust, then Mark Henry … still eating the deep-dish pizza R-Truth tried to deliver. We’re coming full circle now.

At around the 2:00 mark — watch the video screen behind the ring if you want a clearer shot — Henry and Braun Strowman face off. Henry decides to bribe Braun Strowman with a slice of pizza, which gets a huge “PIZZA! PIZZA!” chant from the crowd. Strowman knocks the pizza out of his hand to thunderous boos because the Wyatt Family prefers thin crust, dammit, and ends up getting kicked out of the ring. Stardust ends up in a similar scenario, but takes the pizza, takes a bite and celebrates like he just won the WWE Championship. He realizes he’s still in the ring with a bunch of babyfaces, though, so he tries to suck up to Goldust and just, you know, eat pizza in confidence. He gets beaten up, too.

Ambrose ends the night by putting over Chicago. WWE will be back there for Payback on May 1, and let’s hope there’s a pizza deathmatch on the card.

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