WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 2/18/13: Several Times In A Lifetime

Tonight on the WWE Raw open discussion thread:

The Elimination Chamber event has passed, and the next stop is WrestleMania. With the dust having settled in “Satan’s Prison,” the World Title pictures for The Show of Shows are finally in place and we will know who will contend for WWE’s top two prizes when WrestleMania comes home on April 7. Alberto Del Rio will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Chamber Match conqueror Jack Swagger, and The Rock will defend the WWE Title against his old foil, John Cena, in a rematch of their epic clash at last year’s WrestleMania. So with the final preparations for WrestleMania beginning Monday, what does this mean for champions, challengers and everyone in between? Well, here are five potential developments to watch out for. (text and photo via WWE.com)

Five-point preview:

1. As a scheduling note, the Best and Worst of Elimination Chamber will be going up tomorrow morning. It’d have been up today, but I attended the WrestleMania announcement press conference, shook hands with Alberto Del Rio and hugged the Big Show. So yeah, report tomorrow. Because YOLO. The Raw report will follow on Wednesday.

2. The Rock is still the WWE Champion! Will he be on Raw between now and WrestleMania? Also, will he call John Cena a gay? THERE IS NO WAY TO TELL.

3. Tonight, Booker T will interrupt each match to assure the people in it that Kofi Kingston can do whatever they do. Kofi will fail to do anything those people do and lose.


5. If you haven’t been unlocking our WWE Hierarchy-themed badges, make sure you’re doing that. And yes, if I could’ve stopped at Executive Vice President Of Talent Relations And Permanent General Manager Of Both Raw And Smackdown I would’ve. We miss you, Big Johnny.

As always, the 10 best comments something something Raw report. Something something +1. You know the drill.