WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 5/14/12: Totally Realistic Kimura Locks Edition

A very Bleacher Report-esque “five things to look for on tonight’s Raw SuperShow Starring Brock Lesnar Raw SuperShow Monday Night Raw”:

1. What will Triple H have to say about Brock Lesnar “complexly injuring” his arm two weeks ago on Raw, and how unbelievably positive will I be about the whole thing?

2. How will John Cena cope with his upcoming divorce, and will it involve a heavyset bald man doing The Creep, spitting Mountain Dew onto his hand and rubbing it on Cena’s forehead?

3. Will Abraham Washington finish a sentence, or will The Great Khali’s dancing be too awesome for the production team to miss?

4. The Rock will continue his quest to once again become WWE Champion by not ever showing up or wrestling anyone and shooting guns with C-Tates.

5. David Otunga may return from the Hudson murder trial/his fun trip to Six Flags, give Eve The Verdict and restore the rightful Laurinaitis/Otunga backstage dynamic.

Things to remember:

My 10 favorite comments from tonight’s Open Discussion Thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 5/14 column. Comment as much as you can, and get everyone you’ve ever known to show up in here and talk fake fighting. We’ve got a great community going, and two years from now I don’t want it to just be me and THESTINGER and Lobster Mobster awkwardly talking MMA during Kofi Kingston matches.

– To nominate a comment for the top 10, please respond to it with a +1.

Let’s enjoy pro wrestling!