WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 5/23/16

05.23.16 3 years ago 787 Comments

Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Seth Rollins returned in epic fashion at Extreme Rules, destroying Roman Reigns and setting his sights on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship he never lost. What will The Architect’s first move be when he returns to Raw? (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. We’re on the Road To … what’s next, Money in the Bank? Battleground? We’re on the Road To NXT TakeOver!

2. Be sure you’ve read the Best and Worst of Extreme Rules 2016 before watching.

3. We’ve got Seth Rollins back tonight, which is great because he’s amazing and we missed him, and bad because a 20-minute rambling Seth Rollins promo is probably happening. Still though, welcome back, Captain. Give us one segment of him interacting with The New Day, please and thank you.

4. Enjoy one episode of Rusev as United States Champion. John Cena returns next week!

5. Let’s hope Dana Brooke’s Ric Flair gimmick continues with a heated promo in sunglasses and an elbow drop on a jacket. Imagine Dana Brooke yelling, “FIRE ME I’M ALREADY FIRED, FIRE ME I’M ALREADY FIRED,” and tell me it’s not the greatest.

As always, we’re including 10 of our favorite comments from tonight’s open discussion thread in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw column. To nominate your favorites for consideration, reply to them with a +1. Enjoy the show!

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