WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 7/7/14

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WWE Raw open discussion thread



Tonight on the first With Spandex-branded WWE Raw open discussion thread,

Just days after the United States celebrated Independence Day, the fireworks continue as WWE heads to The Great White North for Raw. In his native Canada, Chris Jericho prepares to do battle with the brash and egotistical Miz, but what else can the WWE Universe expect less than two weeks before WWE Battleground? WWE.com has some theories. (via WWE.com)

Here’s our five-point preview:

1. Raw is live from Montreal tonight, so expect at least 15 minutes of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels standing in the ring and making sweeping HEY, REMEMBER THAT THING THAT HAPPENED gestures. Natalya will also probably show up and yell “come on!” at the crowd, because that’s as deep as her character arc runs.

2. Babyface Zeb Colter enters week two. Will he do a promo about how he used to be racist, but he’s turned over a new leaf? Probably not. He will probably just say “USA.” But Jack Swagger armdrags, though, I mean, seriously. In a related note, the chances that Lana will say the phrase “just like America” to Canada are set at 100%.

3. Damien Sandow costume recommendation: Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker. Big E can dress as an Aboriginal person appointed to Senate and squash him.

4. In case you missed it, Santino announced his retirement on Sunday. I’ll be honest, I’ll pop if they do a tribute to the Cobra set to ‘Tell Me A Lie.’

5. Seth Rollins might try to cash in his Money in the Bank contract again and get stopped by Dean Ambrose. Can I take a moment to say that the worst part of the story is John Cena having to pretend he’s incapacitated in everyday John Cena situations? Last week he gets tombstoned, and he’s just KO’d for five minutes in the middle of the ring. John Cena would NEVER be KO’d by a tombstone. If the guy wasn’t up before his legs hit the ground I’d think there was something seriously wrong with him.

Oh, also I will be on Aubrey Sitterson’s STRAIGHT SHOOT immediately following the show, so ask me some questions here and watch me answer them here:

As always, reply to your favorite comments from tonight’s thread with a +1 and I’ll include 10 of the best in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw column. Enjoy the show, all.

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