WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 8/27/12: Everyone Be Quiet And Let Triple H Talk

Tonight’s Raw preview, which could’ve just been “what will happen guy” with a big picture of a question mark with Triple H chopping crotch over it.

As summer winds down, WWE finds itself facing more questions than ever before. What, exactly, is WWE Champion CM Punk planning next following his controversial attack of Jerry “The King” Lawler last Monday on Raw? Will he, in fact, take up on John Cena’s offer for a title match at Night of Champions in Cena’s hometown of Boston? And what will Triple H have to say when the vanquished King of Kings makes his first public appearance since losing to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam? (via WWE.com)

More importantly,

1. Will THE ONE MAN BAND, BABAY show up again, finally?

2. Will Damien Sandow continue his path to enlightenment, assuming Brodus Clay thinks “jumping a guy after the match, splashing him and dancing over his dead body with a bunch of kids” constitutes being five-by-five?

3. Will Brandon not just turn on NHL 12 while Triple H is talking and pretend hockey season’s going to happen?

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So, Raw. Do you realize “Triple H”?