WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/29/14

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Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Dean Ambrose has been back for all of a week and he already has the entire corporate power structure scrambling to contain him, both physically and figuratively. (Which is, let’s be honest, incredibly impressive.) That said, “unstable” doesn’t just apply to the former U.S. Champion’s mental state; it’s also applicable to his future given that he’s back on The Authority’s radar. Ambrose’s boldness got Seth Rollins riled up on SmackDown, but is he about to come crashing down to Earth on Raw when The Authority strikes back? WWE.com has a few ideas of what to expect from Monday’s show. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Last year, WWE made a bunch of cool breast cancer awareness shirts that were pink, slightly-altered versions of existing Superstar t-shirts. This year? Bad boob jokes you’d see on a bumper sticker and the John Cena meme shirt made so not-pink John Cena could wear it.

2. A lot of interesting stuff almost happened on Smackdown, so look for that to happen on Raw tonight. If Cesaro gets an Intercontinental Championship rematch, Mark Henry turns on Big Show or Triple H says “hey Dean Ambrose, you stole the briefcase but it’s just a contract, we literally run the company and can write him another one,” remember it started on Friday.

3. Do not read about what they have planned for Hell in a Cell.

4. Nikki Bella is now the only “Bella” in WWE. From now on, Brie Bella will be known as “Brie McGillicutty.” For copyright reasons.

5. Theory: Brock Lesnar isn’t competing at Hell in a Cell because he can’t wrestle a regular match without making someone bleeding, and they don’t want to take their chance putting him inside a giant cube of metal and cutting.

As always, 10 of tonight’s best comments will be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw column. Nominate your favorites for consideration by replying to them with a +1. Enjoy the show, everybody.

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