WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 5/1/17

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Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Roman Reigns brought the fight to Braun Strowman at WWE Payback, but not even The Big Dog could stop the rampaging Monster Among Men. What havoc will Strowman unleash tonight on Raw, and how will Raw General Manager Kurt Angle respond to what transpired during last night’s brutal main event? – via WWE.com

Our five-point preview:

1. Sheamus and Cesaro finally got on the same page, and that page is being mean muscle boys who will wreck your life and your teeth. Will the Hardys get their revenge on the dastardly duo, or should they be on the defense as these rude dudes with new attitudes are on the warpath towards tag team gold? And does the Lake of Reincarnation cover dental?

2. Strowman reigns (ehhhh?) supreme after a bloody beatdown Sunday night. WWE wants us to wonder how Kurt Angle is gonna deal with Braun, but really, I think we all just wanna know what he’s gonna f*ck up next. Oh my god, I hope it’s not Neil’s workbox. Hasn’t Neil been through enough by now??

3. Alexa Bliss showed up to Payback with all the confidence in the world, and proceeded to humiliate Bayley in her hometown and beat her clean for the championship. How will Bayley once again deal with someone saying and kinda proving she’s not as good as she thinks she is? And can it please, please be different than all of the other previous times she’s been stuck in the same storyline?

4. Seth Rollins, his injured knee, and his unfortunate Jamie Lannister gimmick somehow managed to pull off a victory against Samoa Joe at Payback. Joe won’t take this lightly. Remember when he was gonna kill The Pope with a hammer? Seth, honey, maybe don’t piss Joe off. You can only beat the odds so many times before he literally beats you to death.

5. Finn Balor is back, and has his sights set on getting his relinquished championship back from Brock Lesnar. Before he can focus on that harebrained scheme, he has to go through Miz first. Because…Raw. Sure, why not.

Be sure to +1 your favorite comments from tonight’s thread and we’ll put them in Best and Worst tomorrow. Until then, keep calm and BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUN.

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