WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread: Rey Mysterio “Retires”

Tonight, in the With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Several weeks ago, Rey Mysterio was the victim of a gruesome attack by Seth Rollins, which left the masked marvel with a critical eye injury. Apparently, the effects of that injury may be forcing Mysterio to hang up his boots, as there will be a retirement ceremony for him tonight on Raw.

However, the ceremony is being hosted by the man who put him out of action. Just what does The Monday Night Messiah have in store for Mysterio, and what motives could he have for hosting this ceremony? (via WWE.com)

Rey Mysterio’s retirement ceremony will be hosted by the guy who tried to put his eye out with the ring steps and has been carrying around a mask to yell at for two weeks, so you know it’s legit. Also, Charlotte Flair faces the Raw Women’s Champion a week after not winning a match to get a shot at the Raw Women’s Champion.

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