The Rock Called CM Punk From A WWE Ring And Left A Message After Raw Went Off The Air

When we found out that The Rock was in the building for tonight’s WWE Raw from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, we figured something was probably going to happen, but we didn’t expect him to call out CM Punk … literally.

The WWE icon was in the building to shoot footage for the movie that he’s executive producing based on Paige‘s family and career. He appeared before Raw to let the crowd know that they would be shooting footage following Raw going off the air, and to let them know that he wouldn’t be appearing on the episode itself. Vince McMahon then came out and “fired” Rocky right before the show went on the air.

But after the show is where the real magic happened. When The Rock came out and explained that they would be filming the night where Paige won the title from AJ Lee, a massive “CM PUNK” chant broke out. The Rock then joked that he should call Punk … and then he did. Punk didn’t pick up, however, so The Rock was forced to leave a voicemail.

The crowd, understandably, went nuts. And pretty much no one could believe Punk wouldn’t answer, including someone who knows a thing or two about picking up the phone vs. not picking up the phone.

Punk had a good reason for not picking up, though. And it was dog related.

As for the Paige footage, while there is a non-wrestling-expertise actress playing the role of Paige, her wrestling in the film is being done by her stunt double … Tessa Blanchard.

And playing AJ Lee is Thea Trinidad, who is great, but is distinctly NOT AJ Lee. In fact, she’s not even playing AJ Lee!

Yep, that’s what she’s wearing in the movie. She’s definitely not AJ Lee (even though she came out to AJ’s theme song), which might actually be a legal/rights issue, but Paige will be defeating ROBE LADY to capture the Divas Championship. Movie magic, everyone!