WWE Released Mark The Timekeeper And No One Is Safe

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.06.14 38 Comments

In the latest in a string of budget cuts caused by everything being totally fine, WWE has released Mark Yeaton, aka “Mark The Timekeeper.”

If you aren’t aware of Mark’s work, he’s been ringing the bell in WWF/WWE for over 30 years. He’s the guy people tell to get the hell out of the way (or throw to the side) when they need a steel chair, and he’s famously the incredibly accurate arm that launched endless Steveweisers to Stone Cold Steve Austin during his glory days. He’ll be missed by those of us who knew who he was, and I hope he isn’t replaced by a bell-ringing robot.

This latest firing truly proves that nothing is sacred and nobody’s safe. What’s next, firing Janet the Makeup Lady?

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