Ric Flair Wrote Himself In For President To Make America Wooooo Again

Last month, we brought you the vital news that Ric Flair was running for President of the United States, on a ticket with Waka Flocka Flame. It was somehow the most normal thing that had happened during this entire election cycle.

Tuesday is Election Day, and true to his word, Flair wrote in himself for President (no love shown to Waka Flocka, because Flair knows loyalty is for suckers).

Flair happened to commit a misdemeanor in the process, as you’re not supposed to share photos of your ballot publicly, but if they haven’t locked up Flair for decades (decades) of rampant and wanton kiss-stealin’, you think a little ballot photo is going to send Johnny Law around to his place? I don’t think so.

Kudos to Ric Flair for being true to himself, and also for probably being the only pro wrestler to cast a ballot this year that zero wrestling fans can possibly take issue with. I mean, Sting might think of taking issue with it, but Flair would just convince him that he has an open cabinet position, then peel out of the parking lot while throwing High Life cans at Sting’s head. Sting would then wait there until inauguration day, when he’d sulk home and swear never to trust Ric Flair again.