Ricochet Wants To Be In WWE, But Says 205 Live Is Not For Him

For at least a year, wrestling fans have been hoping for news that Ricochet will soon be signing with WWE. The in-demand high flyer went viral in 2016 for his action movie-channeling New Japan match against Will Ospreay, and there’s long been mutual interest between the man himself and WWE. Also, Lucha Underground has been amazing in 2016, but that probably doesn’t have anything to do with Ricochet.

Anyway, 2017 might be the year that Ricochet finally makes it to WWE. Sports Illustrated recently got together with Ricochet for a Five Questions interview (even though they asked more than five questions, which is against the hippocratic oath). They asked him why he isn’t on WWE television yet. Rather than just say “because I’m still under contract with another company,” Ricochet gave an interesting, detailed answer, which shows he’s definitely ready for the big time.

Ricochet says he’s focusing on Japan for now and will be taking a lighter schedule in 2017, and his immediate focus is on the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. After that, though, he’s dying to be in WWE and winning singles titles … but he in no way wants to be considered a cruiserweight.

Right now, I’m enjoying New Japan. I want to focus on that, and that’s another reason why I’m going to take a lighter schedule in 2017 to focus on Japan. I want to do a lot more New Japan, and I’m really focused on winning the IWGP junior heavyweight championship. I want that title so bad. I’ve always had goals, and that is my last goal. After that, I can focus on the long distance future. The guys on the 205 Live cruiserweight show are awesome – my boy Swann is killing it. But that’s not the route I want. I want to go the Fergal Devitt route. Seth Rollins. Kevin Owens. That’s the route I want to take. I want to work my way up from NXT champion to U.S. or Intercontinental champion. I have goals, and I’m not willing to settle. This is nothing against the cruiserweights on 205, but it’s just not for me.

Interestingly, although he talked so much about focusing on Japan and working a lighter schedule, he went on the record as saying that his goal for 2017 is to be Intercontinental Champion. And it sure doesn’t seem like he’s talking about New Japan’s version of that title.

I would love to be Intercontinental champion in 2017. That would be exceeding my goal. I’ve met Triple H a couple times, and he and William Regal are awesome guys. I would love to be with NXT. I feel like the Performance Center has a bunch of tools that I could benefit from – all the classes they have available could make me better. I don’t have a contract at the moment, but I want to focus on New Japan. It’s a super cool place, it’s gaining steam, especially with AJ and Nakamura coming from there to WWE. And I really want that junior heavyweight belt.

He doesn’t have a contract at the moment, and I believe that means “with any company.” Despite his protestations, I have to think that when WWE comes calling as soon as he’s officially a free agent, he’s going to join his roommate Apollo Crews as part of the ever-growing roster. So let’s all just start booking an Intercontinental Championship feud between The Miz and Ricochet in our heads right now, shall we?

[imagines Ricochet hitting a 630 on Miz to win the title]

Ahhhhhhh, that’s the stuff.