WWE Used A Hilariously Tiny Cart To Drive Big Men To The Ring During The Royal Rumble Match

When WWE rolled into San Antonio for the Royal Rumble, we knew they selected the Alamodome as the venue because it was a Big Damn Stadium and was going to make the Rumble feel like a Big Damn Deal. And it did! It was a truly, truly enormous stadium, with an entrance ramp of WrestleMania 24-ian proportions.

All night long, people on Twitter were noting the length of the entrance aisle and joking about how long it would take Undertaker to get to the ring when his number came up. Wisely, WWE saw fit to just stash Taker under the ring and have him pop up under cover of darkness.

To give you an idea of how long the aisle was and how long it took the speedier participants in the Royal Rumble match to make it to the ring, here’s a clip of the internet’s sweet boy, Jack Gallagher, making his entrance into the Rumble.

But for those in the arena on Sunday night, they were treated to one of the most amazing sights that no one watching on TV got to see: WWE circumvented the long ramp issue for its beefiest and heaviest Rumble participants by having them come out onto the stage, then the camera would cut away and they would climb aboard an ATV outfitted with a handle, and be speedily driven to the ring.

We were first tipped off to this by our own Brandon Stroud.

But it wasn’t until Monday that photos actually showed us what the cart looked like in action. And brothers and sisters, let me tell you that it was absolutely worth the wait. (Via Wrestling Inc.)

Here it is in action, and IT. IS. INCREDIBLE.

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Yes. YES. MORE BEEFCARTS IN PRO WRESTLING NOW. Hell, bring back Steve Austin and let him drive them to the ring on his tricked-out general manager redneckmobile, or whatever it was called. I’m so, so sad that WWE didn’t show this adorable cart on the Network, but I’m forever thankful that these images exist.