Ryback Accidentally Blocked His Own Attempt To Register A Trademark

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10.25.16 11 Comments

Okay, look: we apologize in advance for yet another Ryback story. But we promise that this time he’s not complaining about not getting to wrestle Goldberg, or talking about how him vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania would break the all-time PPV buy record. We promise that this one is a real doozy.
PWInsider reports that The Big Guy has just inadvertently lampooned his own chances of trademarking his old catchphrase … at least for the time being. Here’s the situation, in a confusing, muscular nutshell:

Ryback recently attempted to trademark “Feed Me More” as a wrestling phrase, but his attempt to do so was blocked, because WWE’s claim to the same catchphrase is also blocked … because of a dispute with Ryback.

Okay, let’s back up a minute.

In July of 2015, Ryback registered “Feed Me More” as a trademark for clothing and wrestling. In January of this year, WWE attempted to register the same slogan for clothing, but the trademark was put on hold due to potential confusion in the marketplace. So Ryback tried again to register the slogan in August, and this week was told that it was blocked because of the previous block. Got it? So unless WWE abandons the trademark or Ryback fills out a whole different set of circuitous paperwork, there’s not going to be any movement.

Good work, everyone. Now no one will be fed any more any time soon.

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