Ryback Believes That John Cena Is ‘Poison’ To Professional Wrestling

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01.13.17 23 Comments

If early returns are any indication, Ryback is going to go in on WWE even harder in 2017 than he did in 2016. Which is to say, pretty hard! He recently told a story about WWE and Vince McMahon lying to him and pressuring into dropping a legitimate medical malpractice lawsuit, but it looks like he’s possibly saved the most vitriol for none other than John Cena. He’s gone on the record before about how Cena was single-handedly responsible for pulling the plug on the Nexus, but that’s nothing compared to the hot fire he’s spitting about the Face that Runs the Place now.

On a recent episode of Conversation With the Big Guy, a podcast repository where Ryback vents about all the people and institutions that have done him wrong over the years, Ryback talked about Cena having been a “piece of sh*t” to him “since day one,” and taking it upon himself to elaborate on that blowup between Cena and Alex Riley that Riley himself is not yet ready to discuss.

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