WWE Security Is Now Literally Trying To Prevent Fans From Saying CM Punk’s Name

WWE would really prefer if you stopped chanting CM Punk’s name at their events. They’ve tried being snarky about the chants, they’ve tried ignoring them, and of course they’ve been confiscating signs since he left, but it hasn’t really worked. Oh sure, there’s fewer Punk chants now than six months ago, but they haven’t entirely dried up – if I didn’t know better, I’d say fans are continuing to chant for CM Punk just to get under WWE’s skin. Why, it’s almost as if WWE’s heavy-handed attempts at control are actually causing the chants at this point!

Well, don’t tell WWE that, because they’ve decided the best course of action is to step up the heavy-handedness. According to several accounts from Survivor Series, including this fan on Twitter

…WWE is now telling security to shut down CM Punk chants. Yeah, that’s right, WWE is literally trying to muzzle their fans, which technically they have a right to do, WWE can kick you out of a WWE show for whatever they want, but come on – when has screaming “Don’t say THIS WORD” at a crowd of thousands of half-drunk people ever, ever worked? I’ve actually been hearing more Punk chants recently, and now I know why.

You want to stop the CM Punk chants, WWE? Do the exact opposite – acknowledge him on TV, openly invite him back, feature his stuff on the Network all the time. Give the fans all the CM Punk they want, while making it clear that Punk not being around is his own doing. Or don’t – I’m sure Punk loves hearing WWE is literally deploying security teams to erase his name from shows now.

via Wrestle Zone