Shaq Has Reopened WrestleMania 33 Negotiations With WWE

Just last week, both Shaquille O’Neal and his potential WrestleMania 33 opponent, The Big Show, were trading barbs back and forth in the media that their hyped and anticipated match at the biggest show of the year might be off altogether. Big Show accused Shaq of ducking him, Shaq said negotiations with WWE broke down for circumstances out of his control, and we were about to resign ourselves to a life where Big Show and Shaq never awkwardly wrestled each other in front of like 70,000 people.

Thankfully, it looks like there’s still a chance for cooler (or at least larger) heads to prevail. On the latest episode of his podcast that he allegedly has, Shaq said that he has started talking to some of the higher-ups at WWE and he’s still trying to make the match happen.

“I’ve talked to somebody high up in the organization, and they – we’re back talking again. I just want the people to know it had nothing to do with me, despite what you hear.

“No, I haven’t seen [what websites are saying about the match being in danger]. We talked yesterday. I didn’t know that. I’m going to see you. I’m not worried about it, Big Show. I’m going to see you. The world ain’t that big for me not to see you.”

HE’S GOING TO SEE HIM. It’s a good thing he’s not wrestling John Cena, then.

Take a deep breath, everyone. Shaq vs. Big Show at the big show can still happen. Keep those fingers crossed.

(Transcript via Cageside Seats)