That Sin Cara-Chris Jericho Fight Was Much Ado About Nothing, According To Jim Ross

On Monday, we brought you news of a bus ride skirmish between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara during the WWE UK tour. There were a lot of unfounded rumors and scuttlebutt, followed by some founded rumors and scuttlebutt. Basically, the fight ended before it really got going, and Sin Cara was kicked off the bus. Both men appeared on Monday night’s episode of Raw, however, so it couldn’t have been that big of a deal.

And it wasn’t! In his latest blog post over at JR’s BBQ, the Hall of Fame announcer set the record straight, by way of Jericho himself.

Caught up with Chris Jericho Monday morning to check in regarding the reports of a ‘fight’ that Y2J had at a WWE event in the U.K. with Sin Cara. Chris said it was largely about nothing and that it resembled more of a scuffle than a full fledged fight. Sin Cara threw one punch and then the minor melee was broken up. Tensions often times rise on these extended, international tours which can bring out the worst in people. This scrap apparently occurred on the bus in route to Glasgow. At the end of the day, it was seemingly much to do about not that much on a slow news day online. (Bill Watts would have made the two fight to get the angst out of their systems. Cowboy did just that with Butch Reed and John Nord.)

Always known for being reasonable, that Bill Watts. (And hey, that “slow news day” stuff really stings, JR. I’ll have you know it was a perfectly average news day!)

Of course, as we noted, this is Sin Cara’s second behind-the-scenes altercation this year, and Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that he is being ordered to take WWE-mandated anger management classes. Meltzer also said that might not be the end of Cara’s official disciplining. We all know how those anger management classes go, though: no matter what, Scorpio Sky is gonna end up getting hurt.

No matter what you do, though, Sin Cara, don’t playfully grab Vince McMahon’s arm. That way lies ruin.