WWE Smackdown Live Open Discussion Thread 4/4/17

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Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Smackdown Live open discussion thread for April 4, 2017:

Randy Orton managed to overcome Bray Wyatt’s mind games and defeat the Eater of Worlds. Will the new WWE Champion begin a new era of The Viper, or will Bray return even more ferocious and fearsome than before? — via WWE.com

Our five-point preview:

1. There’s a new WWE Champion in town, as Randy Orton rode a weird sperm to the ring and then somehow survived in-ring projections of bugs. Look, the less we talk about it, the better. His feud with Bray Wyatt probably isn’t finished, but … I don’t even know, man.

2. It’s the post-WrestleMania Smackdown, so the Blue Brand’s roster may very well get bolstered. Brace yourself for returns and/or debuts, and get ready to sing Shelton Benjamin’s theme song to yourself for a few more years. EATIN’ CHOCOLATE, AIN’T NO STOPPIN’.

3. Naomi recaptured the Smackdown Women’s Championship, and has a target on her back, as the other five women who DIDN’T walk away from WrestleMania with the belt will be gunning for it. Pray for Naomi.

4. Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose sort of lightly pooped the bed on the WrestleMania Kickoff show in their Intercontinental Championship match, so my guess (slash hope) is that Barry C. trucks Ambrose (possibly with a truck) and takes that title tonight. I’ll settle for him turning into an actual wolf, I guess.

5. AJ Styles wrestled Shane McMahon in a fairly brilliant match to open the main card of WrestleMania, and emerged victorious. Expect a lot of gloating, a lot of Daniel Bryan eating crow, and perhaps a new challenger for Orton’s title.

Also happening tonight is the hot new show dedicated entirely to cruiserweights, 205 Live. Feel free to use this as your one-stop party shop for Tuesday night wrestling shenanigans, and be back here tomorrow for the full Best and Worst of Smackdown Live.

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