WWE Smackdown Live Open Discussion Thread (9/17/19)

Tonight on the With Spandex WWE Smackdown Live open discussion thread:

In the wake of WWE Clash of Champions, Kofi Kingston earned a career-defining victory over Randy Orton, but The New Day relinquished the Smackdown Tag Team Titles after a vicious conclusion to their match with The Revival. The New Day aim to restore order and silence the trash-talking of Randy Orton & The Revival in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. Also, following his defeat of Chad Gable, Baron Corbin gets his King of the Ring coronation on Smackdown Live. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. The Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston feud continues, apparently, as New Day takes on Orton and The Revival in a six-man tag. So much for the I don’t want to hear anything from Randy Orton tweet, I guess!

2. It’s the coronation of Deserving King Baron Constable Corbin. I’m sure this will happen without interruption or embarrassment!

3. Look at that picture, though. They just put a crown emoji on his head. And it doesn’t even match the crown in the King of the Ring logo. They’re both digital crowns! And Corbin has posed multiple times in a real crown!

4. Shane McMahon will address the firing of Kevin Owens, if you’d like to know when to take a break from the show and use the bathroom or whatever.

5. Erick Rowan has a sit-down interview following Clash of Champions, which is hopefully just him and Luke Harper talking about metal bands they enjoy for 15 minutes.

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