WWE SmackDown Open Discussion Thread 7/19/16

Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE SmackDown open discussion thread:

With WWE Battleground five days away, the monumental premiere of SmackDown Live will exemplify the New Era when it hosts the WWE Brand Extension Draft. Plus, after Raw’s WWE Title main event ended in controversy, champion Dean Ambrose will once again battle Seth Rollins in a gigantic, just-announced championship rematch!

Our five-point preview:

1. Nothing is really happening tonight. OH EXCEPT EVERYTHING CHANGES FOREVER. This is our live discussion thread, but we will have a separate post live updating the draft picks as they happen, in case you can’t watch SmackDown tonight for whatever reason.

2. Last night’s Raw ended in a double-pin draw in the world title match, so WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN.

Thanks, Shane. Already your administration is off to a bang-up start. More world title matches are never a bad thing, of course. And if tonight’s match is as good as last night’s, there won’t be a lot of reason to complain (until it ends in a draw again).

3. Battleground is on Sunday, which means this is the first time in maybe forever that a go-home SmackDown is actually a go-home SmackDown. Neat! How many boos will Roman Reigns hear on Sunday? I’m guessing ALL OF THEM.

4. There are going to be NXT call-ups tonight. Finally, we’re getting to the Finn Bálor factory. It’s full of Legos and soft, lilting voices. And it probably smells great. Just saying.

5. Over/under on “LADY BALLS” references is set at two.

Have a full-on party in the comments section below. +1 your favorite comments and lament the roster you think has it worse.