Arn Anderson Appeared At Starrcade To Prove He Still Has The Best Spinebuster On The Planet

Longtime pro wrestling fans know that WWE Hall of Famer and Four Horseman Arn Anderson is one of the biggest badasses in wrestling history, and not just because he looks like your dad’s mean friend. As it turns out, not only is he still a certified badass and part-time enforcer, but he’s still the undisputed master of the spinebuster.

When Starrcade rolled into Greensboro on Saturday, WWE promised lots of old school goodness. But I don’t think anyone expected Arn By God Anderson was going to be mixing it up and handing out spinebusters like Thanksgiving leftovers.

During a grudge match between Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode, Anderson took exception to Ziggler’s shenanigans and was moved to get into the ring and impress upon Ziggler some justice, Horsemen style.

That spinebuster is a god dang thing of beauty. Look at it. KABLAMMO. And that definitely helped Roode get the win. Always count on the Enforcer to help you turn the tide.

And let this be a lesson to absolutely everyone out there: don’t ever, ever run afoul of your dad’s mean old friends who tuck all their shirts in. They’re gonna whip out that old man strength with the quickness and beat you the hell down.

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