WWE Stars Mick Foley, Charlotte Flair And Becky Lynch Created A Wonderful Moment For A Dying Man

This is one of the most touching stories you might ever read about WWE Superstars reaching out to one of their fans. It comes from Mick Foley’s Facebook page, and it displays the huge heart Foley and the WWE has for its legions of fans. For years, WWE Superstars have gone out of their way to meet and spend time with fans in need, and this is yet another example of how they will sacrifice their time just to make someone’s day better.

Kudos to you Mick, Becky and Charlotte. It’s tragic that Dillon lost his life, but it’s good to know he had that moment with people he admired and loved so much. These are the special moments that not only stuck with him until the end, but will warm the hearts of those around him forever.

There are times when fans want to focus on negative things in the wrestling business because it might be more interesting, but things like this really pull at the heartstrings and show how much the wrestling business (or WWE itself in this case) really means to fans.

This was truly special and shows how much these stars mean to their fans.