Watch The WWE Pay Homage To Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Botch During The Slammy Awards

If you haven’t been on the Internet since Sunday evening, comedian Steve Harvey became the Sin Cara of the pageant circuit when he announced Miss Colombia as Miss Universe, then awkwardly took it back when he realized she was the 1st runner up and he’d read the wrong name. The actual winner was Miss Philippines. The Internet lost its damn mind, and the flub became 2015 pop culture infamy.

A surprisingly topical WWE went to the Steve Harvey well on Monday’s Slammy Awards edition of Raw. R-Truth was Steve Harvey, because of course he was. They tasked Truth with presenting the award for “Diva of the Year,” and he announced the winner as Paige. The actual winner was Nikki Bella, and if you pause the video, you can see the exact moment where the world figures out what they’re doing and goes, “oooooooh.”

Hey, I’m down if Truth wants to adopt a Steve Harvey gimmick full time. Have him approach people backstage and ask them to name a part of the body you’d want your wife to touch that starts with D. Then have him get all comically outraged when they say the only thing anybody’d say.

Good for WWE being so quick on the pop culture draw.